kd: productivity

Some productivity tips & tricks

  • “might as well”
    • Trick yourself into doing stuff. When you’re about to not do something, tell yourself: “Well, I might as well do it”, then do it.
  • A-Z folders
    • Create folders named A-Z. When you have a document or file that needs to be stored, perhaps a receipt, create the folder “R/receipts” and put it in there.
    • I love this method of organization. One layer is good enough and avoids nasty, unwieldy hierarchies. Even better if you sync it across devices using a cloud service such as Dropbox.
  • You won’t remember
    • Write down anything important you need to do. You won’t remember it, even if you do, the mental space wasted on remembering is not worth it.
    • Have a way to add tasks to a document with a date by which you need to complete or review them. The date is important so you can put future tasks far away and free up mental space.
    • (This is from “Getting Things Done” by David Allen)

Some other things I’m trying out